UquoniTest, smooth sailing to better code

What Q-Mentum does

Q-Mentum makes the C++ unit testing library called UquoniTest.

Besides that, it also maintains the two open source packages Rich Booleans and ModAssert, that integrate with UquoniTest, but are also useful in all your software written in C++.




Rich Booleans 2.2 released; minor update to ModAssert

Apr 29, 2011

This version makes use of the new C++0X standard: 4 Rich Booleans are added that check whether a string (or a substring of it) matches a regular expression, and initializer lists can be used instead of containers. For compilers that don't support initializer lists, the new function Values can be used. Furthermore the Rich Boolean rbBITS_ARE is added to make bitwise checking easier, and some more smaller changes. Download Rich Booleans now.

A small update ModAssert is also released to fix some problems with project files.

ModAssert 2.0.4 released

Apr 08, 2011

This version includes project files for Visual C++ 10; and the functions GetState and SetState that allow to use one instance of ModAssert in an executable and one or more DLLs. Download ModAssert now.

Independent sales people wanted

Apr 26, 2010

Q-Mentum is looking for independent sales people, see here.

UquoniTest 2.0 released

Nov 25, 2009

Q-Mentum proudly announces the release of UquoniTest 2.0. This version has a lot of new features that make unit testing in C++ even easier, such as creation of (reusable) test directories, a powerful mock framework, using run levels, assigning attributes to tests, running tests on more than one thread, threadsafe test listeners, checking constancy of expressions throughout tests, checking whether project files for different compilers have the same tests, and HTML and XML output.

These come on top of the features of UquoniTest 1.0 like: automatic registering of tests, easy fixture tests, parameterized and template tests, use of Rich Booleans in assertions, integration with assertions in domain code, easy abstract tests (including multiple abstraction levels and multiple inheritance), static and dynamic testsuites, custom testlisteners and testwrappers, orthodoxy testing, timeouts on tests, test time measured up to microseconds, and more. Unlike some other unit testing packages for C++, UquoniTest allows you to place breakpoints in test code.

If you are serious about unit testing in C++, and want a unit testing package that is easy to use, yet very powerful, you need UquoniTest. It is carefully designed to make unit testing an easy thing to do, so programmers can concentrate on the code and the tests, without having to worry much about the test framework.

It can work with Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, 2005, 2003 and 6.0, and gcc on Windows and Linux.

Request to download UquoniTest now.

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