UquoniTest, smooth sailing to better code

Are you serious about software development?

Then you need to use unit tests to help you. All experts agree that code quality increases significantly when unit tests are used. When used in the agile development methodology, many companies even claim to have almost no bugs.

Are you serious about unit testing?

Then you need a good unit testing library to assist you in writing unit tests. Since you use unit tests all the time when you develop software, writing unit tests should be easy, and they should provide you with thorough feedback about what happens in your software. This is what UquoniTest will do for you.

UquoniTest: a unit testing library for C++

UquoniTest is an advanced unit testing library for C++, developed by Q-Mentum. It goes a lot further than open source unit testing libraries, which often just have the basics for unit testing.

And unlike other commercial unit testing libraries for C++, it really focuses on unit testing, not on automatic creation of test code which does not add that much value.

Download a free three week trial of UquoniTest

The fact that it has a well written manual of over 120 pages, to which you should add more than 50 pages of the manual of Rich Booleans, is already an indication that it is very advanced. But don't be persuaded by just numbers, read about the features of UquoniTest.

Why UquoniTest?

There are several open source frameworks for unit testing in C++. Why would you pay for UquoniTest when you can have these for free, even if UquoniTest is more advanced?

Typically a developer uses unit tests for most of the working day. Therefore you need a good unit testing library.

UquoniTest makes unit testing more enjoyable because bugs are found sooner and with less effort. With UquoniTest you will easily save a few days per month when compared to using an open source framework. When you realize that UquoniTest has the price of a few man days of a developer, it is easy to see that UquoniTest will soon save you money.


Furthermore you get UquoniTest with full support (including free upgrades for the duration of the support contract).